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− Andre O King

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− Emmanuel Blackwell

"“I can’t believe how well Q4’s Sport Tape performs, my athlete’s think it’s the expensive stuff”-Doug Wardy ATC, Supervisor of Athletic Training Services at Atlanta Falcons Physical Therapy "

− Doug Wardy

"“Q4 has the products I have been looking for for my athletes and their parents!”- Kim Winn, ATC, Athletic Trainer at Emory Healthcare "

− Kim Winn

Sports Medicine Guy Website

Sportsmedicineguy.com is dedicated to providing parents needed information through our blog about current hot topics and trends related to sports medicine, preventing sports injuries, and general information concerning injuries that parents may find helpful in the unfortunate event they have a loved one that has been injured while playing sports. We will also be providing instructional videos related to sports tape, and taping certain body parts such as the ankle in the near future.

Ground Breaking Information

The Sports Medicine Guy website is an ongoing dynamic site.  As you know Health care continues to evolve and we want to provide you with the latest information; from the most current research regarding all things related to Sports Medicine. We do not produce this research but use this site as a portal to put unbiased information regarding sports injuries and prevention into your hands through related links and blog posts. Being in the world of Sports Medicine and Athletic Training we are exposed to ground breaking information and will distribute this information to you as quickly as possible.

Loaded With Quality Products

Throughout the years we have also we realized that it is frustrating for parents trying to find simple things like athletic tape or sports tape, ankle braces, sports padding and any other medical tools; we as Certified Athletic Trainers use such products on a daily basis. We went our on a mission, that mission is to provide quality products at reasonable prices! So, we scoured the globe to find the best products not only for the professional sports medicine community but also for moms and dads. “Q4” Fourth Quarter Performance Products is a growing line that we will continue to add to. We will also offer specific products that are made with the utmost quality and care. We are also striving to find products produced in the U.S.A.! WE ARE CURRENTLY NOT SELLING PRODUCTS


Thank You For Showing Support

Thank you all for visiting our site, sportsmedicineguy.com, and supporting our efforts. If there are any topics you would like to find out more information about please don’t hesitate to contact us through our contact us page.